Club Champions

Winners : Lyndhurst :  Runners-up – Brockenhurst

New Forest 2 Day Triples

Winners :  Janet Ramsay, Isobel Walker and Jane Seal (Highcliffe)

Runners-up – Shirley Adlam, Maureen Parry and Brenda Hammond (Lyndhurst)

Semi finalists :  Mary Miller, Jean Brown and Noreen Jones (Fordingbridge)

Wendy Bayliss, Barbara Shields  and Chris Mays (New Milton)

2 Wood Pairs (Cox’s Pairs)

Winners : Gunner Astheimer and Ngaio Mapes (Lymington)

Runners-up – Jean Renyard and Jean Blake (Waterside)

Diamond Pairs

Winners :  Jen Medley and Janet Ballard (Waterside)

Runners-up – Gladys Pegram and Jan Stern (Braeside)

Acorn Singles

Winner : Janet Lake (Brockenhurst)

Runner-up : Janet Blizzard (Brockenhurst)

2 Wood Singles

Winner : Janet Lake (Brockenhurst)

Runner-up : Jean Renyard (Waterside)

Officers Cup

Winner: Liz Russell (Lyndhurst)

Runner-up: Sue Lewis-Parkes (Waterside)

Championship Triples (Jubilee)

Winners : Janet Lake, Jude Winterburn and Sheila Cordes (Brockenhurst)

Runners-up – Janet Ramsey, Heather Maltby and Jane Seal (Highcliffe)

Championship Pairs – Cooley Goblets

Winners : Jen Medley and Janet Ballard (Waterside)

Runners-up – Maggie Safe and Liz Russell (Lyndhurst)

Champion of Champions

Winner : Susan Barnes (Lyndhurst)

Runner-up – Pam Lawford (Brockenhurst)

Championship Singles

Winner : Janet Ballard (Waterside)

Runner-up  - Sue Lewis-Parkes (Waterside)

Competition News

Jude Winterburn


2018 Competition Dates

Cox's 2 Wood Pairs:

Saturday 14th July

Waterside BC

2 Wood Singles

Monday 23rd July

Brockenhurst BC

New Forest Triples Day 1:

Friday 3rd August

New Milton BC

New Forest Triples Day 2:

Wednesday 8th August

Brockenhurst BC

Club Championships:

Friday, 7th September

Waterside BC


Finals Day 1

Friday, 31st August

Ringwood BC

Finals Day 2

Monday, 3rd September

Ringwood BC