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Club Champions

Winners : Braeside :  Runners-up – Lyndhurst

New Forest 2 Day Triples

Winners : Vera White, Carol Clarke, Susan Barnes (Lyndhurst)

Runners-up – Min Topp, Mary Ward, Lesley Mitchell (Waterside)

2 Wood Pairs (Cox’s Pairs)

Winners : Maggie Safe and Liz Russell (Lyndhurst)

Runners-up –Merle Youngman and Janet Hackwell (Milford)

Diamond Pairs

Winners :  Janet Lake and Janet Blizzard (Brockenhurst)

Runners-up – Rosemary Foster and Wendy Hardy  Downton)

Acorn Singles

Winner : Susan Barnes (Lyndhurst)

Runner-up : Jenny Blake (Ringwood)

2 Wood Singles

Winner : Janet Lake (Brockenhurst)

Runner-up : Judy Spooner (Milford)

Officers Cup

Winner: Susan Barnes(Lyndhurst)

Runner-up:Helen Blackiston(Ringwood)

Championship Triples (Jubilee)

Winners : Jenny Blake, Helen Blackiston, Sharon Varndell (Ringwood)

Runners-up –Carol Hathaway, Judy Vincent, Janet Ballard(Waterside)

Championship Pairs – Cooley Goblets

Winners : Chris Cooke and Janet Prince ( New Milton)

Runners-up – Janet Lake and Janet Blizzard (Brockenhurst)

Champion of Champions

Winner : Liz Russell (Lyndhurst)

Runner-up – Pam Lawford (Brockenhurst)

Championship Singles

Winner : Janet Ballard (Waterside)

Runner-up  - Liz Russell (Lyndhurst)

Competition News

Jude Winterburn


2019 Competition Dates

Cox's 2 Wood Pairs:

Saturday 13th July

Waterside BC

2 Wood Singles

Monday 22nd July

Brockenhurst BC

New Forest Triples Day 1:

Friday 2nd August

New Milton BC

New Forest Triples Day 2:

Wednesday 7th August


Club Championships:

Tuesdaty 3rd September

Waterside BC


Finals Day 1

Friday, 30th August

Waterside BC

Finals Day 2

Monday, 2nd September

Waterside BC

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